Back to the roots
Back to the roots was my bachelor project in which I worked on decreasing the stress level in an indoor environment by improving the air quality, and also create a product which could be a decorative element in a home environment.
Early in the process i chose to use plants as the main purifier, to avoid bringing another electrical product into the users home.

The shape of the product was decided to take away as much maintenance work from the user as possible. By analyzing the natural air flow in a room, and from that decide about the placement in the room, I got a quite clear idea of how I wanted it to look.

Instead of making several shape models in foam, I used 3D modeling in the computer to get a feeling of the shapes and materials. Is was a fast and easy way for me to try out what felt best shape wise. After trying out shapes in the computer I picked out the ones I liked the most, and made small foam models of them.

The function of it is quite basic, and the efficiency depends on what kind of plant is used and the size of it.
In the first step the air is vaporized by adding energy to the process, for example solar energy. Then the polluted air is mixed with the vaporized water and the water particles attract the pollution.
In step three, the water particles with the attracted pollution stick to the roots of the plant, where microbes in the roots turn the toxins into food for the plants. In the last step the clean air leaves the area of the root system, and into the room.

The result is a growing system concept working with a technique called aeroponics. The product both cleans the air and adds humidity to the room, another thing which important for the air to be healthy.
The product is made of glass, stainless steel and cork, to hold the plant in position. The only thing that must be added for it to work is a plant and water.

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